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Religions - Religious Diversity - Religious Rules

I often say "I am apart from Religious diversity"
Which doesn't ever mean that, I don't follow it. I just don't have the need to prove you If I am following or not (or) have faith in "any" god. Infact no one has the need to showcase their religion by following them via FB posts. Infact to say, religious posts are always good. But, it depends on what kind. Showcasing your religion by saying its goodness is always good. But, showcasing the same religion by criticizing other religions is really bad and worst act.

What are the real advantages of such criticizing posts?
1) You will always be religious.
2) You will be recognized good among your religion people.
3) May be your God/Godess will like you more(if such things really exists)

What are the disadvantages?
We are in a secular country. Don't know how many remember the word #secularism which our #SocialStudies teacher taught us during our early 7th or 8th standard. In India we have right to follow any religion and also we have no right to force one to follow "this" or "that" religion, even if he/she is from your own religion. Secondly nobody here sees people from other religion separately. We live together in same streets of a city, sometimes in a same compound of a house. We sit together in schools and colleges independent of religious diversities. With all this environment, if we are going to post such criticizing things, there are hell disadvantages. Don't you need to be friendly with all people? Don't you have the feel that such posts would damage the relationship between people from other religions?

Let the religion exist and please do follow. Faiths and Beliefs has never been false. Follow from your heart and never ever follow to prove yours is the only one. Let the religions be inside your heart and home. When you step out of your home, be like an Atheist.

Some Advices :
1) Love all, serve all.
2) Love the country, Love all its people.
3) Be United.
4) Understand that we never need to prove our religious life to public.
5) If you want to work outside the country or if you want to criticize the country, better leave. Get lost wherever you feel you could live better than here.
6) Ending with Vj's dialogue. வாழர்துக்காக மனுஷன் உருவாக்கினது தான் டா இந்த ஜாதி மதம் இனம் மொழி எல்லாம். செத்ததுக்கு அப்புறம் எல்லாம், ம***ரு டா. நீ வேற நாட்டுல இவன் வேற நாட்டுல இல்ல. ஒரே நாடு. இந்தியா.

தாய் மண்ணே வணக்கம்.


My Learning process of PHP

I know PHP and I am a web developer who developed and is maintaining http://www.karnatakasangha.in. Learning PHP was a good process. It was a step by step one.



Awesome experiences! Went to GCE, Salem to attend Symposium on 14-02-2013 for which my main aim was to attend just the Workshop on "Web development and deployment Technologies" which was held on 15-02-2013. My aim was never to attend Events for winning prizes. Just attended for time pass. Won two prizes.