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CTS & Domain

I too don’t know, What is a domain?

When I was young, may be during my 11th standard, I was one of the persons who went to a seminar held by CTS. The seminar as usual was all about CTS & personality development. A man, don’t remember his name, who is he and all. He told us a story,
One he wrote an article on the loop hole of ICICI ATM machines(I hope). He said that ICICI sent a commission to enquire him about it and blah blah blah. Then he said, “Just think, How will it be? When you have your own website and your E-Mail ID is yourname@yourname.com.?” It really made that day!


Short form Dictionary (SFD)

Internet is the easiest way of communication. Still some see it complicated due to the short forms used. The short form may be either technical or non technical. Sometimes I too have that problem. So, I will write all the expansions for short forms in this article.
You can easily know how to use this dictionary effectively here :-

Hereon, wherever I use a short form in any of the articles, the word will link to this article and if the short form needs an explanation, the explained URL will be linked near the word in brackets.

TS AS – We made it.

Don’t know If this is going to get popular as LOL or ROFL, but It was we who shortened it.

TS AS – Tel Something or Ask Something.

We? Who all?
My self and my friend Abdul Aleem Khan.

When I was in my 11th Standard we both were close friends during chats. We often came into situations to use “Machi, tell something or ask something.” So? In spite of being tired of using it often, we shortened it as TS AS, which meant Tel Something or Ask Something. It is a short story which I liked to share.