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Soon back to state

It has been two to three months past since I wrote :) Now my hands are so eager to write, have got topics to write on :) Its really long since I went to the blogger public forums too. Soon, Krishna will be back to state as before :) The main reason is that, I got my lap with me to college :) Really happy :) Hope I would rock for these four years in the college.


Why didnt I choose a college at a place near Chennai?

I've got seat in PET Engineering College, Nellai, Tamilnadu, India.

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Really happy about that :D
Tirunelveli alias Nellai is a District that is at a distance of 614 KM and 12 hours of travel from my home city, Madras.
Many asked why did I choose college at such a long distance?
The story goes here :-
If I want to choose a college at a place near chennai, my choice is Thiruvallur or Kancheepuram.
If I Choose a college at Either of the above places, my routine will go as :-
  • I should early go to bed.
  • I should get up early in the morning by 3.30 AM or 4.00 AM and get ready.
  • I should rush up to bus stop by 6 AM.
  • I will travel for three hours in bus.
  • Energy Exhausted.
  • Class will start by 9 AM.
  • No mood will be there to listen class due to no energy.
  • College ends by 4 PM(say). 
  • Bus will start by 5 PM(say).
  • Again 3 hours journey back home. 
  • At home by 8 PM.
  • Eat.
  • Sleep.
No way for leisureliness to blog, chat on facebook/mobile etc., and many other dis advantages. The basic reason is above furnished as a story :D Understand?  


Damn it! Anna Flyover's History's turning point may be...

This post has been moved to Krishna's News Channel. Comments are closed here and open there.

Anna flyover formerly known as Gemini Flyover named after Gemini Studios has lost its record.
According to previous records, Gemini Flyover has never met such an accident. The twisted turn road that leads to Nungambakkam is a place where hell accident is usually expected but, never happened. I use to fear riding bike in that turning. Due to accident problems, Cycles are not allowed in that bridge. That much dangerous accident spot.
Accident "expected" Zone(till yesterday)

News :-


Continue next day morning...

Time :-  9.45 PM
Me     : What doing?
He/She : Just lying down.
Me     : Oh! Tell a fav. name that you like in boys/girls?
He/She slept off...
Me     : There? Slept off?
No replies from the other end.....
Time :- 8 AM, next day. 
Here is where my advice starts. He/She says just "Good Morning." My advice is never make a person ask same question more than a time. Reply a person, either internet chat or SMS, at the time you see his message. Don't think that
"Ah! He might've become busy. The SMS was sent some hours ago."

Just reply whenever you see. If you sleep off in the middle of a chat that night, continue next day morning....


Cell Phone in hands has become Mandatory, or else...

Three days back, My father told me to pay for Mineral water can. I forgot and there was no drinking water home. Parents started shouting at me. I talked nothing and went to the shop and paid. Got a Polo Mint and went for a walk. After a long walk, sat down in a wall near railway track at the street end of my home. Time was 9.15PM by then. Was tasting a mint and my mind went to home and searched for phone. Un-fortunately I left it at home. Still was sitting there. Suddenly saw a woman far away who looked like my mom. As the woman neared, found that she is none other than my mom. Uffffffffffffff! She thought that I ran away from home as they shouted at me and searched. If I have had cell phone in my hand, they would've contacted me and found that I just came for a walk. :P... Cell phone in hands has become Mandatory, or else this is what will happen :P


Say "No" to "Yeah"

Some of the cultures consider saying "Yeah" as a disrespectful word. Yesterday I was talking to an elderly person. A part of Conversation went as,
Himself : Kesava Krishnan?
Me     : Yeah!
Himself : You mailed me?
Me     : Yeah!


Govt. General Hospital - My great experience

For "Hernia" surgery, my father was admitted in GH and he is back home after operation. It was a cocktail experience(cool and hot). Got up early in the morning by four and went to Govt. General Hospital, Chennai - 3, opposite to Chennai Central Railway station. There was about 40 people standing in queue near the Out Patient ward. I was 41st is my guess. Time was 5.30 hours at that moment. Was standing in the same place till they opened the counter and time was 7.15 hours at that moment. The queue moved and at 7.45 hours, I went near the counter. They asked for patient's name, age and type of disease/disorder., I told his name, age and hernia surgery. The person at the counter, wrote Room no. 10 in the admission slip AKA OP token. Queue 1 is over. Now queue 2. I took my father to room 10. Here started the second queue. My father might've been stood as 10th person. Went in to show the privately diagnosed scans and reports and a fitness certificate from a private doctor for surgery. Govt. doctors told that they will re-check and then only accept for surgery. So? behind the token, they wrote "apply ward." There are two buildings namely Tower block - 1 &  2. We went to tower block 1's general ward. From here I should thank Dr. K. Pradeepan, House surgeon for directing us from here. He made things easy and quick. Now, the wardens at the general ward gave us a sheet which was medically called case sheet. We went back to the OP ward and doctors there filled out the case sheet according to my father's health condition and at the back the token they added a word "paid" and the sentence went as "apply paid ward." Now we were directed to 5th floor of tower block 1 to pay money for the ward. We paid INR 600/day and we got Room 226A. I was told to give my father's blood in three rooms:-


CTS & Domain

I too don’t know, What is a domain?

When I was young, may be during my 11th standard, I was one of the persons who went to a seminar held by CTS. The seminar as usual was all about CTS & personality development. A man, don’t remember his name, who is he and all. He told us a story,
One he wrote an article on the loop hole of ICICI ATM machines(I hope). He said that ICICI sent a commission to enquire him about it and blah blah blah. Then he said, “Just think, How will it be? When you have your own website and your E-Mail ID is yourname@yourname.com.?” It really made that day!


Short form Dictionary (SFD)

Internet is the easiest way of communication. Still some see it complicated due to the short forms used. The short form may be either technical or non technical. Sometimes I too have that problem. So, I will write all the expansions for short forms in this article.
You can easily know how to use this dictionary effectively here :-

Hereon, wherever I use a short form in any of the articles, the word will link to this article and if the short form needs an explanation, the explained URL will be linked near the word in brackets.

TS AS – We made it.

Don’t know If this is going to get popular as LOL or ROFL, but It was we who shortened it.

TS AS – Tel Something or Ask Something.

We? Who all?
My self and my friend Abdul Aleem Khan.

When I was in my 11th Standard we both were close friends during chats. We often came into situations to use “Machi, tell something or ask something.” So? In spite of being tired of using it often, we shortened it as TS AS, which meant Tel Something or Ask Something. It is a short story which I liked to share.


Experinece with buying a custom domain.

Besides using free domain to point my blogs, I planned to register a custom domain. It was a great experience of three days(:P) of time spent to learn how to buy it. First I planned to buy a .in domain, then .net domain and plans became com-plan (:P). Was able to get .com domain. Liking it although forced to buy.

Why force buy?