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Experinece with buying a custom domain.

Besides using free domain to point my blogs, I planned to register a custom domain. It was a great experience of three days(:P) of time spent to learn how to buy it. First I planned to buy a .in domain, then .net domain and plans became com-plan (:P). Was able to get .com domain. Liking it although forced to buy.

Why force buy?

           Ah! For the past two months, I had plan to buy a domain, but no money. For the past three days, I had money, couldn't buy. I first tried buying domain via buy a domain option. Selected my domain to buy from  Godaddy, a registrar. Went till the final step with a hope that Google Apps will provide an option for Net banking. In the final step, ah! :( I had option to pay only by Credit card. Where do I go for a credit card? :(
           Then, I tried with my father's Master card(debit), It didn't accept. Then I planned to buy a domain directly via Godaddy. What a failure? There also Master type debit card failed :( Then, tried directly via Google apps. This was a result, which I got via Google search when I searched as Google apps buy new domain. Tried, tried, tried, and at last failed (:P)
           Till evening I was searching someone who'll have a credit card so that I shall pay them and they shall buy one for me. Then my father told that he has transferred some money to my account. Then with a belief that Google apps will not accept my debit card, I tried buying www.krishnainfotron.com domain, Un-fortunately, Google apps accepted my debit card and it was a Visa type debit card. Fortunately, I started loving www.krishnainfotron.com though was not in a plan to buy it. That is why I call it as Forced buy.

Advice :-
While buying a domain, follow the following,
There ends! I bought a domain.

Some Useful Readings on domains :-


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