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Damn it! Anna Flyover's History's turning point may be...

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Anna flyover formerly known as Gemini Flyover named after Gemini Studios has lost its record.
According to previous records, Gemini Flyover has never met such an accident. The twisted turn road that leads to Nungambakkam is a place where hell accident is usually expected but, never happened. I use to fear riding bike in that turning. Due to accident problems, Cycles are not allowed in that bridge. That much dangerous accident spot.
Accident "expected" Zone(till yesterday)

News :-

Date :- 27-06-2012
Place :- Chennai, Anna Flyover aka Gemini Flyover.
Time :- 14 Hours.

Today a service bus, 17M(17M cut) that connects Broadway and Mangadu vadapalani, while getting down from the Anna flyover towards Nungambakkam arm, breaking the sidewalls just made an accident turning upside down(Tamil : கவிழ்ந்து). Over 30 people were injured and 12 serious. The Passengers has reported that the bus driver operated the bus hanging in Phone. Hence it happened. Damn it! Anna flyover's record has been ruined. This is the first major accident that happened.

Accident "expected" zone has become Accident "prone" zone :( :( :(

Source : http://dinakaran.com/News_Detail.asp?Nid=17286

17 M - Accident Picture
A better snap
Update :
Driver's Name : Prasad.
Each one says different reason :-
  • Drunken Driving.
  • The driver's seat broke down and so he lost control over the bus.


  1. good job krishna..!!start a blog for news and current affairs..!! btw,the bus route was frm broadway to vadapalani..!

    1. Thanks Vichu! Will soon start a blog for news and current affairs.. and we both are wrong. 17b bus route is from Broadway to Iyappanthangal.

    2. dei tat was 17M cut and it s frm broadway to vadapalani

  2. "Accident "expected" zone has become Accident "prone" zone"
    MASS THOUGHT MAMA....!!! :)