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Cell Phone in hands has become Mandatory, or else...

Three days back, My father told me to pay for Mineral water can. I forgot and there was no drinking water home. Parents started shouting at me. I talked nothing and went to the shop and paid. Got a Polo Mint and went for a walk. After a long walk, sat down in a wall near railway track at the street end of my home. Time was 9.15PM by then. Was tasting a mint and my mind went to home and searched for phone. Un-fortunately I left it at home. Still was sitting there. Suddenly saw a woman far away who looked like my mom. As the woman neared, found that she is none other than my mom. Uffffffffffffff! She thought that I ran away from home as they shouted at me and searched. If I have had cell phone in my hand, they would've contacted me and found that I just came for a walk. :P... Cell phone in hands has become Mandatory, or else this is what will happen :P


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