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CTS & Domain

I too don’t know, What is a domain?

When I was young, may be during my 11th standard, I was one of the persons who went to a seminar held by CTS. The seminar as usual was all about CTS & personality development. A man, don’t remember his name, who is he and all. He told us a story,
One he wrote an article on the loop hole of ICICI ATM machines(I hope). He said that ICICI sent a commission to enquire him about it and blah blah blah. Then he said, “Just think, How will it be? When you have your own website and your E-Mail ID is yourname@yourname.com.?” It really made that day!

He told us to insist our parents to buy a domain, which costs Rs. 500/annum. I really had no idea from where to buy it? who will sell it and all? I then came to know about blogspot from my brother and then registered a blogspot domain and the URL was http://www.kesavakrishna.blogspot.com/ which is now http://www.krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/. http://kesavakrishna.blogspot.com/ was created in cybercafe and had no activity for almost an year as I don’t know how to use it? Then, When I got Internet facility in my home, It got transformed to http://krishnainfotron.blogspot.com/.
So? What now?

Some useful readings on domains :-


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