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Why didnt I choose a college at a place near Chennai?

I've got seat in PET Engineering College, Nellai, Tamilnadu, India.

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Really happy about that :D
Tirunelveli alias Nellai is a District that is at a distance of 614 KM and 12 hours of travel from my home city, Madras.
Many asked why did I choose college at such a long distance?
The story goes here :-
If I want to choose a college at a place near chennai, my choice is Thiruvallur or Kancheepuram.
If I Choose a college at Either of the above places, my routine will go as :-
  • I should early go to bed.
  • I should get up early in the morning by 3.30 AM or 4.00 AM and get ready.
  • I should rush up to bus stop by 6 AM.
  • I will travel for three hours in bus.
  • Energy Exhausted.
  • Class will start by 9 AM.
  • No mood will be there to listen class due to no energy.
  • College ends by 4 PM(say). 
  • Bus will start by 5 PM(say).
  • Again 3 hours journey back home. 
  • At home by 8 PM.
  • Eat.
  • Sleep.
No way for leisureliness to blog, chat on facebook/mobile etc., and many other dis advantages. The basic reason is above furnished as a story :D Understand?