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My Learning process of PHP

I know PHP and I am a web developer who developed and is maintaining http://www.karnatakasangha.in. Learning PHP was a good process. It was a step by step one.

  • First I learned to create a basic PHP aka Pearl Hypertext Pre-processor file and some of its functions.
  • Then, I learned how to insert values of a form into MySQL database, for this I designed a simple contact form.
  • Then, here comes the actual project which actually forced me to learn PHP. A short story below :-
    During my I semester exams, in my college as a part of Placement & Training, they conducted an online test which used ASP(Active Server Pages) as a middle end. I came out and in the evening asked which senior designed it and they told only staffs knows such stuff which made me eager, why not students should know such stuffs. So, I started designing a small PHP project which looks almost like photocopy of the version done in college but a small difference. My project told the result immediately after submitting all answers. Learned hell a lot of things during this project. Many in built functions of PHP were explored.
  • After this project, thought of submitting another project to my college that enables us to create the above project using GUI which also was implemented using PHP but never submitted.
  • Next thing was something which often made/makes myself feel great. With the help of PHP started designing a small Facebook like thing. That had some functionality like Sharing text post, link post, image post, image album post etc., and Like,Comment, Liking Comment, Profile page etc., Whenever I test it, I feel great of myself.
With all these self stories, what I am coming to say is, to learn a language, have some concept to implement and try implementing that concept in the language you wish to learn. By doing this process, learning a language would become easier and you'll learn a lot of things about the language. When I started studying OOPs using C++ for my Engineering portion, I've got new idea why not OOPs using PHP. So, soon gonna learn OOPs using PHP. 


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